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Myrtle Beach auto insurance premiums are on the rise, as well as all across this great land we call America.  This is in part to a thriving economy which is putting more drivers on the road.  Here in South Carolina we rank #27 in the nation for auto insurance premiums, although keep in mind that premiums can vary by county and ZIP code. READ MORE >>

Have you been the victim of a hit and run?  Here is how to handle the situation.   Make sure you are safe.  Check yourself (and others if you are able) for injures and move if you are in danger of getting hurt. Stay calm and do not chase after the vehicle. READ MORE >>

Many people tend to confuse their insurance score with their credit score when analyzing their insurance.  Although these two terms are similar, there are distinct differences between one another.  Your credit score is usually comprised of: 1.  Payment History:  How timely you make your payments on your outstanding debt. READ MORE >>

Many people are asking what could cause your auto insurance premium to increase or possibly even decrease.  There are multiple reasons why your auto insurance premium could fluctuate, and we as an independent insurance agency feels it’s very important that you are well aware of these mitigating factors. READ MORE >>

Are you somebody who loves to travel?  If so, I’m sure you’re very well aware of the hassle it can be to rent a vehicle when out of town.  Throughout our years as an independent insurance agency we have seen a few cases where the renter suffered a loss or claim that was not covered under their standard auto insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Insurance can be a very complex and often confusing for someone who is not an expert.   Insurance premiums are determined by actuaries who use very integrated math computations to calculate what the premium should be. READ MORE >>

The warm weather is on the rise and many people are starting to enjoy their toys once again.  Are you somebody who loves to ride up and down the beach on your motorcycle in this lovely weather?  Not to worry, Davis & Massey Insurance Agency has the answers to help you properly protect your expensive toys and accessories against any unexpected accidents or tragedies. READ MORE >>

Have you ever wondered whether or not you are being overcharged on your home insurance policy?  This is a common question many people ask themselves considering how complex the insurance industry really is. READ MORE >>

    Technology is constantly changing and the economy continues to hinge on the influx of new inventions.  Due to the drastic increase in technology, texting and driving has become an even bigger concern over the last few years. READ MORE >>

Safeco Insurance recently recognized Davis & Massey Insurance as a Safeco Premier Partner.  This prestigious acknowledgement is only obtained by the top 10% of agencies that represent Safeco.  We are proud and privileged to have this national recognition. READ MORE >>

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